Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Summer in a bottle 'dupe'

Ok, so as promised here is summer in a bottle that is readily available (to me at least). Garnier ultimate blends.
There are 6 different ones available specifically formulated for different hair types. I picked up two of the six to try out. 
- The vanilla milk & papaya 'the silky smoother' which is tailor-made for long hair with split ends. Made from Madagascan vanilla extracts to soften and Brazilian papaya to revitalise. It claims to leave hair with 'satin silliness and touchably smooth ends'. 

'Creamy formula smooths the look and feel of split ends and adorns hair with blissful fragrance. Lengths and ends look shiny and feel strokably soft, as if transformed.'

I'm a sucker for marketing tactics. They have made it sound amazing, so of course I had to pick it up! I do have long hair though..that should count for something. I haven't tested this out enough to review. What I can say is they were defiantly correct about the creamy formula and  d e v i n e  fragrance. It smells delicious, if that's even possible. 

If you would like me to inform you how I find it after testing out further. Let me know.  For now I will go on to talk about the second bottle I bought..
- Cocunut oil & cocoa butter, 'the sleek restorer', which is tailor-made for dry frizzy hair (yup, I need this). It's made with a 'blend of pure coconut oil, India's secrete for smoothness, and cocoa butter from Ivory Coast, renowned for its onrush in virtues.'

'Velvity formula, with Devine fragrance, weightlessly nourishes while taming frizz and flyaways. Hair looks seriously smooth and shiny, as if transformed.'

Right, where to start? Fragrance, check! It has the 'summer in a bottle scent'. The ones that screams out holiday, piƱa colada, beach and pool. For that reason I love it.
Second reason I love it is that it is almost an oil-like texture. It just smoothly glides onto your hair and lathers up so well. It doesn't have that dry/sticky feeling you can get with certain soaps and shampoos. This is a plus as I have a dry scalp that needs nourishment. Heavy conditioners weigh my hair down so this is perfect!
The last reason I love it is because it actually does do what it says on the bottle. My hair is silky smooth, most fly always are gone. Not all, but I don't think anything can help that problem, but hey this product is a winner! I didn't even use the conditioner to go with it. Imagin what wonders that may have done..

These products are all parabens free. The one I tried out truly made my hair silky smooth and shiny. Infact, someone asked me if I had just for my hair done at the salon! It's manageable and it feels nourised without even weighing down my hair. The day that I felt my hair was at its best was when I used a tiny bit of leave in conditioner at the ends of my hair. 

After using this shampoo and loving it, I really want to try out more from the range. I don't know if they have a leave in conditioner or oil spray or something. I would be interested if they do. 

Have you tried anything from this new range? What's your thoughts? Any suggestions or recommendations? 

As always,

...'have a healthy fun life'


  1. I love how Garnier formulates a no parabens ingredient. Thanks for sharing!


    1. sorry for the late reply (tried to reply asap, but it wouldn't post for some reason). I'm glad you liked it. Let me know if there are any other products similar to this that you know of. x

  2. Nice post dear!Keep in touch xoxo

    1. Thank you! would love to keep in touch! I am currently into reading and finding new blogs that inspire/have great products to try with good reviews. Let me know if you know of any. Find me on bloglovin' - healthy fun life