Friday, 15 August 2014

Thank God Its Friday (TGIF)

I am that person that can't wait 'til Friday. I always get that Friday feeling. It makes me happy. All I do every Friday is just keep reminding myself it's Friday just to get through the day. Something as simple as that makes me happy. I start thinking of all the fun things I can get up to on the weekend. Just knowing I can have a few extra hours sleep puts a smile on my face!

This weekend I will be getting ready for 2 weddings that I have to attend at the end of the month. Need to do some shopping (always fun!!!)

I think I will go for a classic look. Nice dress with cute little heels and a clutch bag. Along with that I feel as though I might add some dainty earrings, although that may change to large dangling ones depending on what I decide to do with my hair. 
Make-up wise, I will opt for a natural smoky eye with black eyeliner and voluminous eyelashes. Lips most likely the 'my lips but better' or a pink stain. Blusher will most likely be a coral since that  is what I have been reaching for most the time. Saying that, I may go for a pink or plum shade depending on the exact outfit I end up wearing.

Any ideas on what to wear? Where to shop? Hair ideas? Make-up products that last on combination skin? Let me know or direct me to where to look, blog posts, pinterest etc.

What are you up to this weekend? Shopping? Housework? Going out? Event?

Let me know...

...'have a healthy fun life!'

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