Monday, 21 July 2014


HAIR || Garnier ultimate blends shampoo. Lathers amazingly. Silky smooth hair, fabulous shine without leaving hair looking greasy or weighing it down. Winner! I've written a blogpost dedicated to it.
|L'Oreal elvive extraordinary oil. Does what it says. Versatile which I love. It's a heat protectant, nourishes hair, leaves it silky smooth and shiny. It's not greasy. I use it for all the above. It can also be used as a treatment before washing hair. Almost forgot to mention how good it smells.
|keihls strengthening and hydrating hair oil-in-cream. What a long name! It's simply a leave in hair conditioner. Infused with olive and avocado oils. It's supposed to penetrate well, help repair dry, damaged hair and strengthen hair because it is rich in lipids. With continuous use it is meant to make hair strong and more resistant to further damage. Can't comment on that. I just love the way it makes my hair silky smooth and shiny. You just need a tiny drop to out through the ends of hair after washing. I like to use whilst my hair is damp. When used on dry hair it can make it feel a little greasy. Still looks good though. If you have very dry hair it could be great. 
Soap & glory hair turban. (Pic below) Use after washing hair. Soaks up excess water. Just wrap around hair. By the time you put on your face moisturiser, makeup etc, your hair is damp but not dripping wet. Perfect condition to put in the leave in conditioner or hair oils. 
BODY || one ginger morning. Ok guys, this is my newest find. I know it's just a bath and shower gel. But ohhh myyyy! The scent! Yummy! I love it so much that I went out and bought a backup. It's perfect for when you need the instant wake-me-up. It's cheap, from Tesco. The name is deceiving. It says ginger which would make you think it's warm and spicy. Actually it smell more like lemon or citrus. It's zesty. So if you are going to get one, take a sniff of all the scents before you buy. (The lemon one smelt off whereas the ginger smelt lemon-like. There are a tonne of scents available.)Love love love! I'm that person that likes switching up their shower gels, not using the same product twice in a row. The fact I'm on the second bottle (and the bottles are big, 500ml 16.9fl oz) is saying something. Plus, my husband who doesn't like using the same shower products as me has been using it too. He has sensitive skin and is loving it to the point he reminded me to get a back up. (Never does he remember anything ESP not beauty type products-now that's saying something). Also, packaging is nice and simple. It has a cute little story on it which I love. 
FEET || Summer is here. Those of you in the UK must be loving this beautiful hot weather that's come our way. Let's make the most of it! Bring out the sandels and  flip flops. NAILS | I don't have a single favourite. Any neon, bright colour is a must in the summer. A pop of colour is a must in my eyes.
Sanctuary spa moisture rich foot butter. Smells delicious. Very moisturising. Sinks in very fast. Is not at all greasy. Must have of you are going to be having naked feet! 

Enjoy the summer and as always,

...'have a healthy fun life!'

Friday, 18 July 2014

Embracing life in 3 weeks!

Three weeks!!! How time flies.
It has already been three weeks since I first started this blog. To be honest I have done far better than I would have expected. 
I have accomplished more than I would have done usually. The blog has motivated me to actually go out and LIVE! To do things I want to do but didn't/couldn't previously. I made time! Simple things can make one happy. 
So far I have ventured out, cooked items I wanted that I hadn't done before, exercised, ate healthy (majority of the time), walked a lot, found places I hadn't realised existed in London, watched Wimbledon and the football World Cup in nice bars, casinos, outdoor venues, I just packed a whole lot in and am loving it. (Pictures are snippets of what I've done) 

I started the blog to have a fresh start, almost as a journal. Keep myself motivated and de-stress. It most certainly has served that purpose and more. I have a new found hobby. I have so many ideas about what I would love to write about. Now not only do I need to live life but I also need to find that much extra time to dedicate an extra few moments to this blog too. Time management! (Look out for an up coming post on that)

Now when I say I have packed a lot in, it is a lot for me. I really wanted to get a healthy lifestyle going on. I'm not one for dieting. I like exercising and eating whatever I like (in moderation plus adding in healthy snacks on the side). I didn't manage to completely follow my routine, however the days I didn't exercise I still kept active, walked a lot, house cleaning etc. Again, I will have a post up on how to incorporate healthy foods into your normal routine so you don't have to 'diet'. 
Moral of blog post: if you want to do something in life, whether it be big or small, go out and do it. Make it happen. There is always a way. Embrace life. Be happy!

Do you like these rambly type of bog posts? Let me know either way. 

...'have a healthy fun life!'

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Summer in a bottle 'dupe'

Ok, so as promised here is summer in a bottle that is readily available (to me at least). Garnier ultimate blends.
There are 6 different ones available specifically formulated for different hair types. I picked up two of the six to try out. 
- The vanilla milk & papaya 'the silky smoother' which is tailor-made for long hair with split ends. Made from Madagascan vanilla extracts to soften and Brazilian papaya to revitalise. It claims to leave hair with 'satin silliness and touchably smooth ends'. 

'Creamy formula smooths the look and feel of split ends and adorns hair with blissful fragrance. Lengths and ends look shiny and feel strokably soft, as if transformed.'

I'm a sucker for marketing tactics. They have made it sound amazing, so of course I had to pick it up! I do have long hair though..that should count for something. I haven't tested this out enough to review. What I can say is they were defiantly correct about the creamy formula and  d e v i n e  fragrance. It smells delicious, if that's even possible. 

If you would like me to inform you how I find it after testing out further. Let me know.  For now I will go on to talk about the second bottle I bought..
- Cocunut oil & cocoa butter, 'the sleek restorer', which is tailor-made for dry frizzy hair (yup, I need this). It's made with a 'blend of pure coconut oil, India's secrete for smoothness, and cocoa butter from Ivory Coast, renowned for its onrush in virtues.'

'Velvity formula, with Devine fragrance, weightlessly nourishes while taming frizz and flyaways. Hair looks seriously smooth and shiny, as if transformed.'

Right, where to start? Fragrance, check! It has the 'summer in a bottle scent'. The ones that screams out holiday, piƱa colada, beach and pool. For that reason I love it.
Second reason I love it is that it is almost an oil-like texture. It just smoothly glides onto your hair and lathers up so well. It doesn't have that dry/sticky feeling you can get with certain soaps and shampoos. This is a plus as I have a dry scalp that needs nourishment. Heavy conditioners weigh my hair down so this is perfect!
The last reason I love it is because it actually does do what it says on the bottle. My hair is silky smooth, most fly always are gone. Not all, but I don't think anything can help that problem, but hey this product is a winner! I didn't even use the conditioner to go with it. Imagin what wonders that may have done..

These products are all parabens free. The one I tried out truly made my hair silky smooth and shiny. Infact, someone asked me if I had just for my hair done at the salon! It's manageable and it feels nourised without even weighing down my hair. The day that I felt my hair was at its best was when I used a tiny bit of leave in conditioner at the ends of my hair. 

After using this shampoo and loving it, I really want to try out more from the range. I don't know if they have a leave in conditioner or oil spray or something. I would be interested if they do. 

Have you tried anything from this new range? What's your thoughts? Any suggestions or recommendations? 

As always,

...'have a healthy fun life'

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Skincare session

Skincare is an integral part of our beauty regimes. Without proper skincare, not only will you collect dirt and bacteria, have uneven skin tone, blemishes etc, your makeup will not sit well on your skin. 
I am going to do a skincare session series mentioning all the essentials. Plus  some tips and tricks that I have learnt along the way to keep blemishes away and promote healthy, radiant, fresh looking skin. 
Soon Make up won't feel like an essential to hide imperfections. It will there to use as you please, when you please. 

Be happy in your skin. You will be confident if you feel confident and happy with yourself. Beauty lies within you!

Keep an eye out for the skincare sessions. 

As always, for any questions, requests etc, comment below, find me on twitter @healthyfunlife or email:

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Summer in a bottle for HAIR

Do you have a bath & bodyworks near you? If so, this volumising shampoo is a fab buy. I tried it whilst I was on holiday and am sad that it's finished.
It is what I would call summer in a bottle. Those of you who like coconut will love this! The scent reminds me of summer, beach or being by the pool. Best of all its volumising! 

Not got a bath & bodyworks near you? Do t worry I think I may have found an alternative. Testing it out before I put up a post about it. Watch this space. 

In the mean time,

...'have a healthy fun life!'

Pre-workout Tip #1

Have an orange pre-work out... It is a great energy source, helps prevent muscle soreness and hydrates. 
Definitely a must if u are working out on an empty stomach as it prevents your body using your muscle as energy source.

Keep a look out for more tips. 
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...'have a healthy fun life!'

Monday, 7 July 2014

Home haul

Last week I went into my local grocery store (Tesco), needing to pick up basics (milk, cereal, etc). Once I got there I realised they had recently refitted the place. It had a nice new layout and I noticed the home section was bigger and had a better selection than it did previously. 
Being the shopaholic I am, I couldn't resist checking it out. Inevitably I ended up picking out some items. So, as shown in the picture above I found a wok with a lid. I have been looking for one with a lid so that it can be used for a variety of dishes I want to make. So was very pleased to have found that. 
I also saw a large pot which would again be handy for a tonne of different dishes and esp good for when you are cooking for a dinner party. 
Now this was my favourite find, amazing coloured cushions. I picked up a burnt orange colour to see how it went on my sofa. I absolutely LOVED IT! 
From Tesco I also picked up a blender -kitchen staple! 
As I loved the cushions a lot, I ended up going back and picking up lime green ones too - I am so glad I did. They liven up and brighten our living room. Not only that, they are soft, fluffy, smooth and comfy. Plus they were on offer 2 for £12. What a bargain! 

The photo doesn't show the true colour. But you get the idea. 
They match my throw which I bought in the winter for TKMax for about £15. Again the softest most cosiest throw ever! 
All smiles over here! Message me below or on twitter if you would like more home hauls.

...'have a healthy fun life!'

Saturday, 5 July 2014 it important?...YES!!!


Suddenly there seems to be a hype for keeping fit..why???

There are many different reasons people want to exercise... For some, it may be to look good - have a muscular body/beach body. For others it could be to be healthy, relieve stress or even just an activity as a hobby.

Personally, I have always loved the idea of exercising, doing some sort of sport just as a thing on the side. However, I could never keep up with it. Life always got in the way, something or another always seemed to take priority over exercise. Sometimes, I've got to admit, it was pure laziness on my part.

Now, as I am starting a new chapter in my life, I am trying to stay on top of my game when it comes to staying fit. I have to admit, I haven't stuck with the schedule, but I adapt and make sure that on the days I am supposed to have a 'rest day' I exercise to make up for the day I didn't.  I am following a fitness plan that was part of an exercise DVD. It is a 30 day plan for abs. Perfect for the summer.

The reason I had chosen that particular DVD was because I decided I want to start with a particular problem area. I definitely feel I need some attention in that area in particular. Its a great way to have a target. Something to measure change. It may help with motivation.

Other than the belly issue, there are other reasons I want to stick this out. Here's the main part, why exercise is important and what makes me want to keep at it;

  1. STRESS RELIEVER - your body produces a chemical known as endorphins. This helps ward off any anxiety, stress, tiredness. It gives you energy yet at the same time helps promote a good nights sleep (which is very important to help you recover from everything).
  4. STRENGTHEN MUSCLES - which is good especially if you have a certain body part that may be hurting. Your muscle in that part may need to be strengthened to prevent pain/injury occurring. e.g. back pain can be reduced by strengthening back muscle.
  5.  IMPROVE HEALTH - reduces blood pressure, strengtheners heart (a muscle), helps with diabetes, boosts your immune system (to help fight infection etc), improve joint function, improves posture, etc
  6. ANTI-AGING - better oxygen flow helps improve skin tone
There are so many reasons why exercise is good for you and why even just keeping active, walking more or taking up an activity will help just IMPROVE THE OVERALL QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE.   Go for it, try something new. it doesn't have to be gym, or home DVDs. Go join a yoga class, a karate class, do swimming, tennis, learn a new sport, just do whatever you ENJOY.

If you would like to know more about my routine, how I stay on top of my game, and foods I eat, leave me a comment below or tweet me @livehealthyfun

....have a healthy fun life!