Monday, 7 July 2014

Home haul

Last week I went into my local grocery store (Tesco), needing to pick up basics (milk, cereal, etc). Once I got there I realised they had recently refitted the place. It had a nice new layout and I noticed the home section was bigger and had a better selection than it did previously. 
Being the shopaholic I am, I couldn't resist checking it out. Inevitably I ended up picking out some items. So, as shown in the picture above I found a wok with a lid. I have been looking for one with a lid so that it can be used for a variety of dishes I want to make. So was very pleased to have found that. 
I also saw a large pot which would again be handy for a tonne of different dishes and esp good for when you are cooking for a dinner party. 
Now this was my favourite find, amazing coloured cushions. I picked up a burnt orange colour to see how it went on my sofa. I absolutely LOVED IT! 
From Tesco I also picked up a blender -kitchen staple! 
As I loved the cushions a lot, I ended up going back and picking up lime green ones too - I am so glad I did. They liven up and brighten our living room. Not only that, they are soft, fluffy, smooth and comfy. Plus they were on offer 2 for £12. What a bargain! 

The photo doesn't show the true colour. But you get the idea. 
They match my throw which I bought in the winter for TKMax for about £15. Again the softest most cosiest throw ever! 
All smiles over here! Message me below or on twitter if you would like more home hauls.

...'have a healthy fun life!'

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