Monday, 21 July 2014


HAIR || Garnier ultimate blends shampoo. Lathers amazingly. Silky smooth hair, fabulous shine without leaving hair looking greasy or weighing it down. Winner! I've written a blogpost dedicated to it.
|L'Oreal elvive extraordinary oil. Does what it says. Versatile which I love. It's a heat protectant, nourishes hair, leaves it silky smooth and shiny. It's not greasy. I use it for all the above. It can also be used as a treatment before washing hair. Almost forgot to mention how good it smells.
|keihls strengthening and hydrating hair oil-in-cream. What a long name! It's simply a leave in hair conditioner. Infused with olive and avocado oils. It's supposed to penetrate well, help repair dry, damaged hair and strengthen hair because it is rich in lipids. With continuous use it is meant to make hair strong and more resistant to further damage. Can't comment on that. I just love the way it makes my hair silky smooth and shiny. You just need a tiny drop to out through the ends of hair after washing. I like to use whilst my hair is damp. When used on dry hair it can make it feel a little greasy. Still looks good though. If you have very dry hair it could be great. 
Soap & glory hair turban. (Pic below) Use after washing hair. Soaks up excess water. Just wrap around hair. By the time you put on your face moisturiser, makeup etc, your hair is damp but not dripping wet. Perfect condition to put in the leave in conditioner or hair oils. 
BODY || one ginger morning. Ok guys, this is my newest find. I know it's just a bath and shower gel. But ohhh myyyy! The scent! Yummy! I love it so much that I went out and bought a backup. It's perfect for when you need the instant wake-me-up. It's cheap, from Tesco. The name is deceiving. It says ginger which would make you think it's warm and spicy. Actually it smell more like lemon or citrus. It's zesty. So if you are going to get one, take a sniff of all the scents before you buy. (The lemon one smelt off whereas the ginger smelt lemon-like. There are a tonne of scents available.)Love love love! I'm that person that likes switching up their shower gels, not using the same product twice in a row. The fact I'm on the second bottle (and the bottles are big, 500ml 16.9fl oz) is saying something. Plus, my husband who doesn't like using the same shower products as me has been using it too. He has sensitive skin and is loving it to the point he reminded me to get a back up. (Never does he remember anything ESP not beauty type products-now that's saying something). Also, packaging is nice and simple. It has a cute little story on it which I love. 
FEET || Summer is here. Those of you in the UK must be loving this beautiful hot weather that's come our way. Let's make the most of it! Bring out the sandels and  flip flops. NAILS | I don't have a single favourite. Any neon, bright colour is a must in the summer. A pop of colour is a must in my eyes.
Sanctuary spa moisture rich foot butter. Smells delicious. Very moisturising. Sinks in very fast. Is not at all greasy. Must have of you are going to be having naked feet! 

Enjoy the summer and as always,

...'have a healthy fun life!'

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