Saturday, 30 August 2014

To buy or not to buy? Moisturisers

The weather has taken a turn. Summer seems like it is leaving us once again. 
I've found that my hands are really dry recently. Now it's not especially because of the weather. I ran out of my current hand cream. L'occitane dry skin hand cream. I've loved this cream for the longest time. I have accumulated a few other hand creams but none seem to quite match up to it. They either are too greasy or not moisturising enough. There is something that just isn't what I like about them. L'Occitaine hand cream is very moisturising, smell great, and is not too greasy. It just does the job, and very well too!
Nivea express hand cream was one of the few that I had accumulated. I decided to give that another go and liked it. It's not at all greasy. The formula is very light. Very hydrating. It skins into the skin in seconds! Your hands feel like they are hydrated. I know how that sounds but they actually feel like plumped. It's almost like the feeling you get after you've had water when your thirsty. So fresh and hydrated. Also, it's got a fresh scent that lingers a long time too! This is going to be used up for sure! Like it.  For those of you that like to feel like your actually rubbing in moisturiser not just 'water' you may not like it. Probably stick to L'Occitaine. I like both. If I had to go chose only one, I'd go for L'Occitaine. Since I don't have to, I will use both!

Have you got a favorite hand cream? Let me know what it is. 

...'have a healthy fun life!'

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