Friday, 18 July 2014

Embracing life in 3 weeks!

Three weeks!!! How time flies.
It has already been three weeks since I first started this blog. To be honest I have done far better than I would have expected. 
I have accomplished more than I would have done usually. The blog has motivated me to actually go out and LIVE! To do things I want to do but didn't/couldn't previously. I made time! Simple things can make one happy. 
So far I have ventured out, cooked items I wanted that I hadn't done before, exercised, ate healthy (majority of the time), walked a lot, found places I hadn't realised existed in London, watched Wimbledon and the football World Cup in nice bars, casinos, outdoor venues, I just packed a whole lot in and am loving it. (Pictures are snippets of what I've done) 

I started the blog to have a fresh start, almost as a journal. Keep myself motivated and de-stress. It most certainly has served that purpose and more. I have a new found hobby. I have so many ideas about what I would love to write about. Now not only do I need to live life but I also need to find that much extra time to dedicate an extra few moments to this blog too. Time management! (Look out for an up coming post on that)

Now when I say I have packed a lot in, it is a lot for me. I really wanted to get a healthy lifestyle going on. I'm not one for dieting. I like exercising and eating whatever I like (in moderation plus adding in healthy snacks on the side). I didn't manage to completely follow my routine, however the days I didn't exercise I still kept active, walked a lot, house cleaning etc. Again, I will have a post up on how to incorporate healthy foods into your normal routine so you don't have to 'diet'. 
Moral of blog post: if you want to do something in life, whether it be big or small, go out and do it. Make it happen. There is always a way. Embrace life. Be happy!

Do you like these rambly type of bog posts? Let me know either way. 

...'have a healthy fun life!'

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