Sunday, 29 June 2014

Exercise on a Sunday!

Day 2. New beginnings and new resolutions.

Who said you can only have new resolution at the start of a new year. I'm here about to go through with mine. Let's hope it doesn't fizzle out!

So, as a full time worker I found it tough going to the gym. I had a membership but just about made it once a week! 
I found myself feeling "tired" when I exercised by myself and would only use the tredmil or whatever other equipment for no longer than 5-10mins before giving up. However whenever I went to a class I would last the full hour. 
From this I realised that it wasn't my "tiredness" that was keeping me from working out, it was the fact that I didn't find it fun or entertaining enough working out myself. Classes were much better suited for me, especially those that were along with music!
Making it to a class before or after work was next to impossible because of the hours I work. This meant I could only fit in 2 classes on one day - the only day I ended up going to the gym! For the amount I was paying for membership this was definitely not worth it, plus I would get home late and not always eat well which defeated the purpose! Gym membership cancelled.
Few months later, having realised I now did no exercise whatsoever, I decided to get a DVD and exercise at home. This meant I could exercise at anytime I wanted- brilliant!!
Having a DVD is great, however you need to make sure you have enough motivation to actually use it, not keep it aside and say you will do it tomorrow just because you can do it anytime -Tomorrow never comes and we all know it!
I found I stuck to it for about 3weeks before my life got super busy and haven't  done it since. From today, a new chapter of my life has begun. I will do everything in my power to figure out how to make time for all that things I love and need to do.
 Later I will share some tips.. For now, it's time to exercise!!!

...have a healthy fun life!

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